Bag Awning FAQ

  • How do the screen attachment and add-a-room attachment accessories attach to the awnings?

  • What is the difference between the Supreme and the Classic Bag Awning?

  • My Shademaker Bag Awning does not use a ball and socket system to attach the rafter to the camper. Instead it uses a plastic eye end and a camel back hinge with a bolt through it. Can I get replacement parts?

  • I have a Coleman Pop-Up Camper, Do I need to do anything special because the roof mounting area is curved?

  • Is it possible to have a Supreme Awning made with 6' width? I have a custom built camper.

  • Will the Supreme XL poles be long enough to reach to my camper frame? Does it include the mounting brackets that one would need to attach the awning poles securely to the camper?

  • How do I determine which bag awning size I need if I already have an awning rail/track on my camper?

  • If I buy the accessory screen room ( not the add-a-room, just the screen room) to be used with an extended leg awning will it be necessary to use the awning with the support poles in the traditional vertical position to secure the screen room?