Bag Awning FAQ

  • If I buy the accessory screen room ( not the add-a-room, just the screen room) to be used with an extended leg awning will it be necessary to use the awning with the support poles in the traditional vertical position to secure the screen room?

    You do not have to have the legs in the vertical position. Merely set the awning height appropriately and the screen room will attach normally. There are 3 stake down points on each side (middle and each corner) and one stake down point along the screen room front on one side of the door in a Shademaker screen room.

  • How do I determine which bag awning size I need if I already have an awning rail/track on my camper?

    Here is an example:

    If I have a 13'6" awning rail/track on my camper.

    The fabric width on a 13' awning is 12' 8" (fabric width is 4" shorter than the size). The next larger size is 12" greater and that would leave 2" of awning fabric unsupported by the awning rail. This is not acceptable since the tension in the awning rafters would eventually shear the fabric at the rail/track ends. So the 13' awning is the largest acceptable size for that rail/track length.

  • Will the Supreme XL poles be long enough to reach to my camper frame? Does it include the mounting brackets that one would need to attach the awning poles securely to the camper?

    Yes, the extended leg configuration will reach to the camper frame. The brackets are included.

  • Is it possible to have a Supreme Awning made with 6' width? I have a custom built camper.

    Yes, It is theoretically possible but there are compromises required. The front bar length of an Supreme 8' awning is 92 inches. The projection of the standard Supreme Awning is 84 inches. For every inch less than 92 inches of front bar, you lose 1 inch of projection.
    A 6' Supreme Awning (with a 68 inch front bar length) has a projection of 60 inches (5 feet).

  • I have a Coleman Pop-Up Camper, Do I need to do anything special because the roof mounting area is curved?

    If you are going to order a "Supreme Bag Awning" then you should tell us or the people that you are ordering it from that you have a Coleman Camper. We will make a simple alteration to it so it will work correctly with your camper. Since the "Supreme Bag Awning" rafters have tensioning levers, and your roof mounting area is curved or sloped, the fabric projection is critical. What we do is add another rafter adjustment snap hole to each rafter so your fabric projection is corrected with the new location of the hole. If you have already purchased a Supreme Bag Awning and you did not get converted rafters, then we can send you directions how to do it easily. This does not apply to our "Classic Bag Awnings"

  • My Shademaker Bag Awning does not use a ball and socket system to attach the rafter to the camper. Instead it uses a plastic eye end and a camel back hinge with a bolt through it. Can I get replacement parts?

    Those awnings which use the camel back hinge and eye end were produced prior to the middle of 1996 and are of a similar but different design. They are very good awnings and we know a lot of them are still out there. Most parts are still available. If you damage the front bar, however, you will need to replace the frame with the newer version. The old style legs and rafters are still available. The large eye ends are still available. The smaller eye ends are in very short supply but these awnings can be converted to the newer style ball and socket design. Any parts needed for the old style awnings can be identified by using the equivalent part number from the present Classic bag awning and adding the Suffix "OS" for Old Style.

  • What is the difference between the Supreme and the Classic Bag Awning?

    The Classic Bag Awning has mill finish aluminum and uses round tubing for the legs and rafters. The telescoping legs lock by means of an eccentric "twist lock."

    The Supreme Awning is fully anodized for appearance and features square tube legs with locking levers and square tube rafters with a patented fabric tensioning device not found in any other awning. Both awnings use similar fabric assemblies. The heavier construction of the Supreme awning frame makes it more resistant to damage during use.

  • How do the screen attachment and add-a-room attachment accessories attach to the awnings?

    One of the characteristics of Shademaker bag awnings is that they have the loop part of a hook and loop attachment system (popular name "Velcro (TM)") sewn down the sides of the awnings. This loop mates with matching hook sewn on the top of the Add-a-rooms and Screen Attachments. Additionally, adhesive loop is attached to the front bar of the awning to hold the front section of the awning attachments.

    This aspect of the attachment system is the principal reason that Shademaker attachments are only compatible with Shademaker awnings and other brands of attachments are not.